898 April Blue

899 Adriana Chechik

900 Ria Rodriguez

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Check Chick Out. 12:53

Adriana's beautiful form fitting skirt is a really nice tease showing off her curves very nicely with silky beige panties peeking out from underneath. After stripping off most of her clothes she spends quite a bit of time rolling around on the bed in just her panties. The clip ends with some sexy bottomless nudity as she lies back with her panties pulled partway off and rubs her pussy through the panties. After the panties come off she rubs them all over her pussy and then sniffs and bites them.

Twat you Lookin' at? 5:28

Aside from a little interlude of general nude posing this clip is almost all explicit pussy gaping. She starts with a nice bend over pose while spreading everything from behind and ends up lying on her front once again spreading her pussy open with two hands wrapped around behind her ass.

Blue Man Dong. 11:01

Adriana uses a very large blue dildo in this scene and seems to have no trouble slipping the big dong deep into her pussy. After fucking herself for a while she turns to a bend over position and just wags her but in the air for a while with the dildo sticking out of her pussy hands free. Then on her back once again she strikes a great pose with her knees up and together showing off some excellent curves with her pussy out in the open as she continues to fuck herself.

Appreciate the Star Chasm. ITC Favorite 10:03

The personality is a lot more evident now as Adriana become a lot more talkative through her speculum scene. Her inside features are all nice and clean with her cervix glistening in the light. You can even hear her commentary as she sees inside her vagina for the first time. The inside view in the bend over pose is very interesting as her cervix sinks down and her vagina opens up into a big cavern. You can see her cervix jump around in convulsive motions when she giggles. Later she poses with the speculum turned sideways in her vagina revealing the upper and lower vagina walls. You can see her vagina wall squirming around as she wiggle a finger up inside her anus.