894 Marica Hase

895 Bree Daniels

896 Jada Stevens

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Faulty Jeans. 12:44

This video may be the ultimate in jeans tease with the jeans fully unzipped and almost falling off and yet remaining still on. You can clearly see her patch of hair spilling out in the front and her butt crack half out in the back. She finally pulls her jeans down around her knees half way through revealing all the girlie bits bare naked.

Bree Dangles. 10:04

With Bree now fully naked we get some time to examine all of her feminine assets in more detail. Besides a revealing bend over position we also focus on her rather ample boobs as she lies on her front with her boobs dangling down underneath her. She gets a nice little jiggle in her boobs as she brushes her hand across them. The clip ends with some pussy spreading while she lies back on the chair.

Buzzy Bree. 10:54

Bree uses a large and powerful vibrator to bring herself to a genuine orgasm. There lots of twitching going on as she barely contains herself through all of the build up to her orgasm. You'll notice her clitoris appears quite large and prominent after her orgasm as she pulls back on the hood. Not satisfied with just one orgasm she starts again, the second time with her butt hanging in mid air right off the edge of the chair. Once again there’s lots of twitchy motion as she builds up to the orgasm.

I was Open you would Cum. 5:30

Bree's speculum scene shows inside views of her vagina in both the front and bend over positions and also with the speculum turned sideways to reveal the upper and lower vagina walls. There's some interesting motion inside her vagina as she squeezes her muscles. She also sticks one finger up her ass and you can see it wiggling around through her lower vagina wall.