893 Candy Sweet

894 Marica Hase

895 Bree Daniels

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

New model Marica has a few skin issues on the lower body but she makes up for this with her good looks and considerable talents.

Scene 1

Nippon Strip. 11:19

We tend to focus mostly on the front side views with Marica taking in her best assets with her shapely hips and a really stunning Asian face. Her boobs and pussy are nice but you might find yourself admiring her from the neck up much of the time. After she gets her lingerie off the first nude full body shot is quite awesome with a great low angle perspective from a distance showing the excellent form of her shapely hips.

Delivering Posed Hase. 8:56

This is all nude posing with several positions involved starting lying on her back on the bench with her legs open to display the pussy. The best part of this is a great front side low angle view with Marica standing almost right over your face.

Gob Bliss a Marica. 9:18

There's plenty of saliva involved in this vibrator masturbation scene with multiple gobs of spit dribbling down over her girlie bits. She spends quite a while with the toy inside pressing against her G spot culminating in a rather sudden squirting orgasm. She lets out three quite impressive squirts in quick succession. She tries for more and though it doesn't come she does ooze out some very creamy white pussy goo.