895 Bree Daniels

896 Jada Stevens

897 Chloe Amour

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Cut off from the Whirled. 5:35

Jada's shorts are quite literally cut off jeans with frayed edges both top and bottom. You get quite an eyeful when she yanks them up her ass crack with her big cheeks spilling out the bottom. They don't last very long though as she spends some time with the shorts pulled down under her ass making a shelf to bounce her big booty on.

Lotta Junk Round Here. 10:53

Jada's monster booty gets our full attention throughout this nude posing clip. She really knows how to move her big hefty well rounded curves with some nice jiggly motion. Her pose lying on her back hugging her knees beautifully displays her wide bulging ass curves with her thick meaty pussy lips bulging out between her legs. The entire video is an impressive show of thick curves on a girl that is about as voluptuous as one can get while still being in good shape.

Cum to the Buzzball Game. 8:05

Jada's vibrator masturbation scene starts with her lying on her front with her legs spread giving a great view up her ass while she humps her clit against the vibrator. She soon turns onto her back to bring the action to a climax. It's unclear whether there's really any orgasm here though she does shudder a little and gets somewhat excited. Her thick pussy lips appear slightly red and even more swollen after she is done with the toy.

Ogle Ass of Skin Milk. 4:41

Jada pours an entire jug of milk all down her body in both the front and back views, though we focus mostly on her amazing rear. An off camera assistant helps to pour the milk down her ass creating some beautiful little streams. With her ass spread wide open you see the streams of milk meandering through every crease and crevasse complete with open pussy and winking butt hole.