888 Tracy Gold

889 Katia de Lys

890 Cayenne Klein

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Katia Lookin' at ma Booty. ITC Favorite 25:43

Katia looks pretty stunning in her see through white dress with no panties on underneath. It's not long before her dress comes up over her ass and we spend the rest of this long video admiring the extreme curves of her voluptuous ass and pussy. Such big curves ought to be impossible without stretch marks or cellulite and yet she has the tightest big butt on the site with not the slightest hint of flabbiness. Her amazing ass is also complimented with a really thick meaty set of pussy lips making for a super voluptuous undercarriage. On a technical note, there may be a pretty serious moire effect in the close ups of the dress on some screens caused by the tight pattern of the mesh material. This is not a flaw in the video but simply a common issue with tight patterns in video in general and may be reduced on alternate screens.

Applying Lip Floss. 5:12

Katia uses a long string of pearls to floss her thick pussy lips. It provides some interesting action to show off the thick meat of her lips with everything sandwiched together between slithering pearls and alternately slithering pearls sliding between greased up pussy lips. There is no real climax to this action as she mostly just uses the pearls as a prop to show off her lips.

Slippery Buggers. 10:17

The pearls now get stuffed up both her ass and her vagina. It takes a while but she eventually makes the entire string disappear up her pussy and ass with just a small section outside going from her ass to her pussy. There's a little bit of bend over booty wobbling before she squats over your face and slowly pulls all the pearls out of her ass.

Ass Ending to the Point. 4:19

The video ends now with 4 minutes of bare ass bend over posing with some very nice finger insertion in her ass.