889 Katia de Lys

890 Cayenne Klein

891 Eve Evans

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Get a Twirly Start. 12:25

Cayenne's loose fitting flowing dress really flares out as she playfully twirls around providing some excellent up skirt views. After a little bit of panty tease she gets bottomless and does some very nice pussy spreading while lying back on the chair. Towards the end she stands up and twirls around again giving some more excellent up skirt views without the panties. The dress is so loose fitting that you can literally see her entire body and even her face from inside the dress.

Lines and Tuggers. 11:47

Now with Cayenne completely naked we spend this entire clip admiring her beautiful slender figure and inspecting her gaping private parts with some very graphic close up views. Her bend over ass spreading really gets all the private parts out in the open. She spends quite a lot of time squatting backwards over top of your view as she tosses her long luxurious mane of hair around. In the second half she turns around and lies back on the chair with her legs spread high in the air as she does lots of excellent pussy spreading. She also jacks her body up high on the back of the chair with her feet on the arms of the chair so that her pussy and ass hover in mid air.

In Klein to Agree. 13:58

Cayenne uses a slim vibrator with a little bit of insertion at first but then mostly just pressed firmly against her clitoris to bring on a couple of orgasms. She has one genuine orgasm with visible contractions while squatting backwards on the arms of the chair. She then moves to a very revealing pose lying on her side with her spread ass and pussy gaping and out in the open. Towards the end you can see some very obvious wetness developing inside her open vaginal slit. The second orgasm is perhaps better than the first with more convulsive twitching motion and visible contractions once again.