887 Mira Sunset

888 Tracy Gold

889 Katia de Lys

Shoot Location: Venturina, Italy

Scene 1

Jean Preen. 12:33

Tracy's jean shorts are quite unique in this scene with button up straps and an open window on the sides. Her bend over posing is especially nice showing the jean shorts wedged tight up in her ass crack. Later with the jean shorts off we take some time to admire her lacy black panties while she squirms her butt in your face.

Grounds for Appeal. 12:06

The initial reveal of her bare ass is really eye popping with her panties pulled down just under her ass and two hands spreading her rear in your face while she lies on her front. The clip continues with lots of naked pussy and ass ogling showing Tracy baring it all in several positions. In spite of a few skin issues on the outer cheeks she really has a beautiful pussy and ass crack.

Cunt Pewter Probe Rammer. 9:27

Tracy's toy has an ancient pewter design that fits in nicely with the castle in the background. There's a couple of different positions involved but the best and most substantial parts of this have her lying on her back with her knees spread high and wide. The pussy is really beautiful with all of her undercarriage displayed and exposed in nice crisp detail.

Strollin' Property. 2:32

This is just a quick display of Tracy's figure in motion as she walks back and forth a couple of times on the driveway in front of the castle.