884 Betty

885 Ria Rodriguez

886 Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Venturina, Italy

Scene 1

Rome 'n a Broad. 10:15

This pool setting has a distinct Roman feel to it with ancient stone features and an old castle turret peeking out in the background. This first clip focuses on Ria's awesome rear end with lots of walking action all around the pool in her blue bikini. Though she doesn't get fully naked just yet she does tease a lot with her bikini bottom sometimes wedging it up her ass crack and bouncing her ass cheeks with her hands. Near the end she gets on a reclined deck chair and shows off her amazingly voluptuous ass curves with her butt wagging in the air.

The Golden Globes Show. 7:49

With the scene now reversed to the opposite side of the pool for better lighting angles Ria continues her strip tease on the reclined deck chair. She soon pulls down her bikini bottom while lying on her front giving a beautiful first look at her bare ass crack. You will love the way she rolls her ass to the side and thrusts her bare ass in your face with huge ass curves bulging to fill your field of view. After a short segment lying on her back to show off her spread pussy she returns to lying on her front showing off her amazing ass with more close up views. The late afternoon sun casts a golden glow over her flawless skin through this and the following clips.

Let me Show you Humpin'. 7:03

Ria remains lying on her front with her legs wide open giving you a great view up her ass while she rubs her pussy and humps her ass up and down. You really cannot help but admire the huge yet firm and athletic mounds of her ass cheeks throughout this masturbation scene. There's some really good pussy spreading at the end with two hands wrapped around from behind to pry her vagina open.

Point Taken. ITC Favorite 6:47

Ria now starts fingering her ass hole with one finger digging deep up her ass. Her position lying on her side gets some beautiful big ass curves bulging prominently in your face while she dabbles two fingers up her ass. The last couple of minutes show some of the best bulging ass perspectives we have shot in recent times.

Dipsy Diving. 5:48

Ria finishes off this scene with a little dip in the pool. She's maybe not the most graceful swimmer but she seems to be enjoying herself doing laps and cannonballs in the pool.