885 Ria Rodriguez

886 Vicki Chase

887 Mira Sunset

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Chase 'n Tail. ITC Favorite 10:34

Vicki performs a little parade on a large oceanfront balcony wearing a very interesting pair of shorts. Her butt cheeks are beautifully displayed with some cheek hanging out the bottom as she casually strolls around on the balcony. Half way through she removes her shorts and walks around in just her silky panties and then fully nude. Vicki has really got a beautiful way of moving with a very sexy wiggle in her walk. It's hard to decide whether she looks better coming or going but it all looks amazing with gorgeous well formed curves jiggling in all directions.

Mexi Can Tease. 17:29

Now indoors in a huge bedroom Vicki starts her strip tease again with the clothes back on giving you another chance to ogle those amazing striped shorts with her ass right in front of your face. She does a great little booty bounce while lying flat on her front. You also get a closer look at those silky yellow panties on her silky smooth ass squirming around in front of your face. Your first look up her bare ass crack is amazing with the panties pulled down just under her ass and her ass spread beautifully in your face. The second half of this is all nude posing with some very nice up the ass views.

Buddy Wand. 12:46

Vicki moves onto the bed and then gets busy with a large black vibrator on her pussy. Her legs virtually do the splits in the air while she vibrates her pussy. It doesn't take her long to come to an orgasm with visible contractions. She then turns over onto her front to repeat the process with her butt projecting out in the air. There's an off camera assistant involved here holding the vibrator at the right angle for her although this may be a distraction for some. The clip ends with a bit of manual pussy fiddling and a nice pose with the knees up enhancing the curves of her butt.

Urine Dribble Now. 0:55

There's pros and cons with this brief pee scene. The pee is not much more than a dribble with a little stream flowing down her butt cheeks but the position is quite excellent as she leans back with her legs open in the air exposing her beautifully shaped undercarriage.

Piss on You. ITC Favorite 1:41

Now squatting over the bathtub faucet Vicki produces a fantastic pee scene with a big stream and lots of entertaining personality. She can't help but burst out laughing as she accidentally pees all over the camera man and the camera and then gets a mischievous smirk on her face as she looks at you.