883 Adriana Sephora

884 Betty

885 Ria Rodriguez

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Sexy Smiles per Hour. 13:21

The focus of attention here is mostly on the butt end of Betty's pink shorts until she takes them off half way through. Then her white cotton panties get the same attention for a while with both standing and lying down positions. Perhaps her most striking feature in this is her super sexy smile that she flashes while rolling around on the bed.

Betty Beddy Nice. 11:16

Now with the panties off this is nothing but nude pussy and ass ogling from beginning to end. She remains lying on her front through the first part of this and there's some fantastic spread ass views with her ass thrust out into your face. There's some beautiful wide curves on display as she turns to lie on her side with her ass spread open. Also included is a bend over pose and a really nice squat with her spread ass sitting almost on your face.

Bed Buggers. 12:33

Betty's anal scene features lots of slow dabbling with a slim metal wand in positions lying on her side and bending over and lying on her front with her ass jacked up a little. The toy looks like a little flagpole sticking out of her ass when she wags her bum in the air hands free. There is no real frantic action in this but she does start rubbing her pussy near the end bringing the scene to a mild climax.