882 Aaliyah, Anikka & Lola

883 Adriana Sephora

884 Betty

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Sephora so Good. 18:47

Adriana's skirt and panties come off relatively early on in the video leaving most of the clip for naked pussy and ass viewing. The fact that her corset top remains on somehow enhances the bottomless nudity throughout. Her posing against the concrete wall is really sexy showing nice form as she virtually humps her ass against the wall. There's a substantial segment with Adriana sitting backwards on a stool with her ass hovering in mid air off the edge of the stool.

It's Sephora Way. 6:05

Now posing up on a counter top Adriana shows off her bare underside with a bend over and lying down position. She remains lying on her back through most of this as she starts rubbing her pussy with her fingers. There's probably no orgasm with this although she does become somewhat more passionate towards the end of the clip.

Cum Black Here. 9:20

Adriana now pulls a small vibrator out of her corset and uses it to bring herself to a climax. She is sometimes quite expressive through this masturbation video as she reacts to the vibrations. You'll love how she squirms her ass with her butt jacked up slightly to hover a few inches above the counter top surface. The curves really come alive with beautiful undulating motions as she rubs the vibrator against her clitoris.