881 Charlyse Bella

882 Aaliyah, Anikka & Lola

883 Adriana Sephora

Shoot Location: Quepos, Costa Rica

Scene 1

The Buttlick Trio. 13:52

The jungle pool setting provides a very interesting and unique scene for this trio of beauties to engage in a lesbian mini orgy. After floating around in the pool in their bikinis they soon get up onto a shallow shelf in the pool and strip completely naked. You see a very enticing line of up of three sexy asses floating in the waterline side by side. It's not long before they are all licking each other's butt holes and having lesbian fun in the water. Each girl gets a turn at having her ass licked by the other two girls. There's an unusual segment of action as Aaliyah and Lola drag their long hair through Annika's ass crack. There's lots of cascading water streaming through ass cracks interspersed with close up anus licking and general playfulness.

It's a Waterfall Life. 8:02

The scene is much less graphic now but a lot more playful and unique as the girls fool around in a very smooth flowing waterfall. Parts of this show the girls from the opposite side of the waterfall giving a very weird and interesting distorted view. In the latter half the girls take turns lifting her pussies up into the flow of the waterfall enjoying the water jet affect on their sensitive bits.

The Butthole of the Spitfires. 10:39

Now at the infinity edge of the pool the girls take turns jacking their butts up to float in the waterline. Each girl gets little jets of water fired down her ass crack as the other two spit streams of pool water from their mouths.

That X Rains a Lot. ITC Favorite 5:11

This scene may be a porno first as the girls engage in lesbian action again, this time in the middle of a torrential tropical cloudburst. This is certainly the wettest scene ever with all cast and crew going about business as usual with the conditions really not impeding the action at all but adding a hell of a lot of ambience and intrigue. After some initial frolicking around in the pool shot from a safe distance the action returns to the shallow shelf with the camera right out in the rain to capture more passionate ass licking.