880 Mischa Brooks

881 Charlyse Bella

882 Aaliyah, Anikka & Lola

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Pencil Skirt Flirt. 13:40

Charlyse's beautiful thigh length skirt, though not especially short, does fit her curves very nicely and it is the main focus of attention through the first few minutes of this tease video. Later the attention turns to her silky black panties with the skirt and top now gone.

Cum to the Fair. 7:11

The nude posing starts with a great low angle front side view as she sits on the edge of the chair with her pussy hanging out of the edge and over top of your face. Then bending over you can clearly see an accumulation of natural vaginal cream in the entrance of her vagina as she spreads her pussy open. She ends up lying on her back with her legs spread high as she continues to spread her pussy lips. There's plenty of open pussy views throughout this clip although she doesn't exactly gape wide open.

Fringe Tickler. 8:40

Charlyse uses a bright red vibrator with tassels attached for this masturbation scene. She is not always the most passionate with the action and yet the scene does culminate in an obviously genuine orgasm with visible contractions and elevated breathing.

Tassel in the Asshole. 4:56

Charlyse turns around now into a bend over position and dabbles the toy up her ass hole. Soon she changes to a lying position on her side with more anal penetration. You can sometimes see her anus pulsing whenever she takes the toy out of her ass. She starts rubbing her pussy simultaneously for a short while and then fucks herself in the ass with a little more enthusiasm to finish the video.