879 Jasmine Gomez

880 Mischa Brooks

881 Charlyse Bella

Shoot Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

Scene 1

Floor Your Eyes Only. 19:07

Mischa's sparkly top is almost completely see through giving you a very sexy boob tease before she even takes any clothes off. Her snug fitting skirt is so short that you also see just a hint of her ass hanging out the bottom with a nice silky pair of purple panties peeking out underneath. After removing her top and skirt she gets down on the floor to show off her voluptuous curves with her panties still on and then later naked. Almost half of this clip is full bottomless nudity with plenty of time to soak in the most intimate parts of her body. Mischa's thick feminine areas provide some beautiful curves displayed in a number of lying, bend over and crawling positions. Mixed in is a very detailed close up view with her vagina spread wide open and nice bend over booty wobble.

A Tonguing View. 10:36

With our viewing perspective now turned 90 degrees to the left we now see an amazing coastal view at dusk in the background while Mischa uses an interesting toy on top of the kitchen island. The toy has a tongue shaped attachment that slides up and down over her clitoris while she fucks herself. She is a little bit dry at first but there's a nice little stream of juice that flows from her vagina after she is done with the toy.

Dusky and Snatch. 6:18

Mischa's speculum scene reveals a quite wrinkly cervix and a very clean vagina. You see her both in the normal lying down position and in the bend over position on her knees. She does a subtle little booty wobble while bending over with the inside of her vagina gaping open for inspection at the same time.