878 Tracy Delicious

879 Jasmine Gomez

880 Mischa Brooks

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

You Small Good. 15:45

Jasmine may not be the most expressive model ever but it doesn't take long to realize where her real assets lie with one of the smoothest undersides we have shot in a while. The top and jean shorts come off fairly early on and then she teases with her panties flossing them up her pussy slit and pulling them aside. The second half is all bare pussy and ass ogling with lots of bend over posing and squatting over top of your face. Her pussy opens up quite nicely as she spreads it from behind with two hands.

Gomez with Yourself. 8:06

Jasmine uses a rather long rubber dildo to fuck herself while lying back on the bed. There's a small segment of bend over fucking action followed by an excellent position lying on her front with a nice view up her silky smooth ass slowly squirming up and down. The action picks up more as she returns to the original position lying on her back with her legs in the air.

Wand her Ass. 7:44

Jasmine sticks a slim decorative wand up her ass and poses in the bend over and lying on her front positions with the little flag pole sticking out of her ass. She does a little bit of in and out anal masturbation which at first is mostly just for display rather than actual stimulation. Later she starts rubbing her pussy at the same time bringing some mild excitement to the action. You can really see the perfection of her flawless anus whenever the toy comes out of her ass.