877 Abby Cross

878 Tracy Delicious

879 Jasmine Gomez

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

The Booty Blues. 15:33

The first few minutes of this strip tease video takes in the beautiful surroundings with a tropical view from a rooftop terrace with Tracy just posing in her blue bikini. We then move in close to admire her very shapely rear end with the bikini still on and enhancing the curves with the nice fit. There's a considerable segment of bare boob fondling with her string of blue pearls being used as a prop as she flicks them over her nipples. The last 5 minutes is all nude posing with lots of spread ass ogling allowing you to soak in one of the most beautiful butts on the site.

Play to the Floss of her. 4:12

Tracy removes her blue pearl necklace and uses it to floss her pussy and ass while standing over your face. There is both rear and front side views with the action being casual paced and not quite constituting masturbation.

Rustic Rump. 12:44

Tracy moves onto a rustic old wooden table to show off her naked body in multiple revealing positions. Being that she is now in the shade under a solar panel roof the lighting is not the absolute best although our reflected light makes up for some of this. Tracy's forward squatting pose, a la crab walk, is really nice with her beautiful underside squirming in your face. There's also some excellent ass views with Tracy lying on her front squirming her butt in the air. You'll love how she bounces her ass up and down making the curves jiggle a tight little dance.

Dick Tracy. 13:46

Tracy now uses a rubber dildo to fuck herself in several positions although the best of this comes in the latter portions as she lies on her back with her knees up exposing her underside very nicely. The lighting in this is not really up to our usual standards though a bit better in the second half. There's a very nice forward squatting position with her ass hovering in mid air as she fucks herself before she returns to the lying down position to finish it off.