001 Kerri Ann

004 Tara

005 Ashley

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Furry Lips. 19:43

A great scene for those who love a big hairy bush. It even extends around into her butt crack. Wearing a short black dress with string sides and no panties Tara starts out by teasing you with a sexy leg tease. She soon gets on all fours with her ass in the air for some messy pussy play. We take your face right up her ass for a decent view of the sloppy, gooey mess that is her pussy. Turn up the volume because you get all the nice gooey sound effects and pussy farts that come with it! At the end of this scene you are subjected to 3 minutes of great vagina spreads right in your face. There's lots to look at inside her featuresome vagina and you see her face in the background at the same time.

Scene 2

Wet Panties. 4:45

In the washroom wearing only panties Tara pours a glass of water over her silky sheer white panties causing them to turn transparent. She makes certain to park her ass right over your face while she plays with her wet panties.

Crack Shaving. 14:42

Next it's off with the panties and goodbye to the hairy bush as she shaves it all off. We got an unexpected gem in this scene when Tara realized she couldn't reach her butt crack to shave it so she asked her friend to help her. It turned out to be a very erotic and arousing butt crack shaving scene with Tara's friend getting her hands right up there spreading the shaving cream all around through Tara's butt crack and taking her time to enjoy it. Tara reaches around with two hands to spread her ass open and give her friend a great view up her ass. Of course we stick your face up there too for an intimate view of some very erotic butt crack action. The scene ends with Tara getting her bum wiped with a damp cloth all around her anus and crack.

Scene 3

Big Baton. 6:20

On the bed Tara whips off her panties and proceeds to stuff them all the way up inside her pussy before pulling them out and licking the crotch. Then using a big dildo you will notice her creamy white pussy juices gathering on her pussy lips around her vagina.

Pink Cave. 3:05

Next she puts a speculum up inside her to open her pussy wide-open. Of course we light up her pussy so you can see all the way up her vagina with a great view of her pee hole and beyond.

Twirly Pearl. 6:23

She finishes this scene using a vibrator with rotating balls. There's some nice intimate views from close up in her bum crack right next to her anus.

Scene 4

One Big Mess. 12:44

This is one big fruit and cream smorgasbord on Tara?s pussy and ass. We got Tara on the washroom floor to make this major mess. She uses whipped cream, melted ice cream, caramel syrup, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, and a yellow zucchini. After fucking herself with the zucchini she gets on all fours and we take you up her ass to watch the melted ice cream and caramel syrup running down through her butt crack over her anus. Her shapely crack and asshole look fabulous as she rubs it in all through her ass. Literally every morsel of fruit gets a trip through her bum crack and a good rub on her anus before she eats it!

Cleaning her Bits. 12:55

After getting so messy Tara needs a bath and a douche to clean all the edibles out of her pussy and ass. You're treated to a sudsy ass cleaning standing right over your face followed by a refreshing douche. She buries the nozzle deep in her pussy and you get a great view of it flowing out of her vagina and over her butt hole. For the ass lovers Tara spreads her ass standing over your face and we take you right up in her crack for a real intimate close up look at her beautiful anus.

Scene 5

Ass Lickin'. ITC Favorite 14:18

After shaving Tara's butt crack Tara's friend wanted to have a good go at her ass and get her face right up there for some real pussy and ass licking. You get close to 9 minutes of high quality asshole licking and some entertaining pussy farts.

Ass Massage. 13:23

This is followed by a full body lotion massage. Just in case you didn't get enough of Tara's ass already we end the video with 6 minutes of your face up her ass as it gets fondled, jiggled, and massaged.