001 Kerri Ann

002 Sabrina

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

While Kerri Ann is not quite a ravishing beauty she certainly makes up for it in personality and entertainment value. She clearly enjoyed herself making this video as is evident during her occasional spontaneous giggles and playful moments. There is not much tease involved here as Kerri Ann is totally naked for virtually the entire video.

Scene 1

In the Shower. 5:31

You see Kerri Ann taking a shower as she gets ready for her video. She has a full bush at this point.

A Little off the Bottom. 6:12

Kerri Ann gets up on the bathroom counter and shaves her pussy. Then she gets on all fours and spreads her ass in the air to show off the finished product - a nice clean bare pussy and butt crack.

Scene 2

Bunny Tail. 4:01

After rubbing her panties into her pussy she quickly whips them off and has a good lick of the inner crotch lining before stuffing them right up her vagina. Then she pulls them out of her vagina and sucks on them.

Gush. ITC Favorite 0:52

Kerri Ann crams a pink dildo into her tight pussy. It's so tight the dildo even gets stuck inside her vagina. On all fours she wags her ass around in the air while her pussy grips onto the dildo (no hands) as it flaps all over the place. Next she gets serious with the dildo and has a real juicy orgasm. You'll be shocked to see her pussy juices literally spew out of her vagina as she removes the dildo. You get your face one inch away from her freshly screwed gaping pussy to ogle the pussy juice still seeping from her vagina.

Virgin Ass. 4:13

Kerri Ann gives you a great rear end show as she stuffs a string of anal beads up her ass. We put your face right up in her butt crack to watch the beads slowly emerge from her anus!

Scene 3

Butt Workout. 0:36

For those of you who like to watch the female legs and ass in motion we stuck in this little exercise scene. Kerri Ann does all kinds of leg exercises with your face in optimum viewing position to observe her ass in motion.

Scene 4

Pussy Food. 10:07

Kerri Ann squirts whipped cream inside her vagina and on her clit and proceeds to wipe it off with a strawberry and eat it. She also buries a cherry up inside her pussy to marinate it before eating it. She asks you to check if there are "any strawberries left in there". Then she sticks her ass in the air, squirts cream through her bum crack and wipes it off with a slice of cantaloupe and eats it. There are some occasional lighting problems in this scene but it is still highly entertaining with a clear picture.

Scene 5

Smells like Strawberries. 3:25

Kerri Ann douches her pussy to get all that cream out of her vagina. She squeezes the bottle over and over foaming up the douche and all the foamy suds come spewing out of her vagina.

Stuck to the Tub. 0:11

Kerri Ann sticks a suction cup dildo to the edge of the bathtub and rides it over your face. You get a nice floor angle view as she grinds her pussy down onto the dildo.