001 Kerri Ann

005 Ashley

006 Lisa

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Admittedly this is not one of our best videos. Ashley may not be quite as expressive as most models but there are still some great moments to be found amongst these clips. Scene 5 is probably the best part.

Scene 1

Sneak a Peak. 9:01

Ashley arrives home wearing a light blue business suit with white lacy panties underneath. While she's sitting at the kitchen table looking at naked girls in a magazine you crawl under the table to watch her legs squirming around and look up her skirt. After her top comes off she does a nice little bit of breast jiggling. We even slow it down at one point so you can watch her breasts jiggle in slow motion.

Scene 2

Cream Stream. 21:03

We see Ashley naked on the kitchen table rubbing a Popsicle all up and down her body and between her legs. Next she slowly pours a whole cup of cream down between her legs. You are treated to a tantalizing view of the cream meandering it's way down through her slit and over her butt hole. She wipes the cream out of her pussy and butt crack with a slice of honeydew and eats it. Next she sticks a baby tomato up her pussy and pushes it out. You wont believe it when she rolls over and stuffs the baby tomato up her bum and then eats it! We spread her ass open and stick your face right up there to watch at microscopic distance as the tomato repeatedly slides in and out of her anus. Then she repeats the whole procedure with a grape.

Scene 3

Mini Vibrator. 9:05

Ashley's ass looks fantastic as she rolls around on the bed in tight white shorts. After her shorts come off she diddles with her pussy and tickles her ass hole with a mini vibrator.

Ashley Pees. 0:43

You get the worms eye view as she pees a steady steam standing over top of you in the bath tub.

Scene 4

Ashley in the Tub. 7:36

There's lots of great leg tease in this bathtub scene as Ashley sticks her legs straight up in the air to soap them up. She also soaps up her ass standing over your face.

Ashley Douches. 2:22

She follows this up with a refreshing pussy douche with your face right up there in the action.

Scene 5

Groping Ashley. 18:34

Ashley takes you into her bedroom and offers her ass up for you to get your hands in there and thoroughly feel her out. You take your time to run your hand all through her ass and crotch and push your thumb right up into her gooey vagina through her sheer panties. Her panties come off and you sink your fingers deep into her moist vagina sometimes thrusting in against her squirming ass and sometimes pulling them out to enjoy the sight of her open pussy. As your fingers come out to spread her vagina her girl goo clings in strands between your fingers and you get clear close up views of her gaping pee hole. Finally you press your hand flat up against her as she grinds her pussy into your hand for a breathless orgasm.