876 Breanne Benson

877 Abby Cross

878 Tracy Delicious

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Abby Watchin' You. 17:36

New model Abby displays some fantastic curves as she poses in her sexy red bikini under a beautiful grove of palm trees. The close up butt shot is quite stunning with the vibrant colors of her bright red bikini and the palm trees in the background. The last 5 minutes features all nude posing with a very nice bend over pose on the couch.

Can you Digit? 4:42

Now leaning back against the cushions with her legs open high and wide Abby does a little bit of finger masturbation. There's some occasional finger insertion though she mostly does lots of pussy rubbing with her fingers moving in circles over her clitoris. It's doubtful that there's any real orgasm in this footage.

Play Misty for me. 5:52

Abby has a little frolic on the lawn with the lawn sprinklers on and getting her all soaking wet. There's a few slightly awkward moments as tries not to get blasted in the eyes but she otherwise seems to be enjoying herself with the welcome reprieve from the oppressive desert heat. The later half has some beautiful crawling action with voluptuous curves undulating and water droplets beading up on her skin.

Scene 2

Hot Cross Buns. 6:22

This indoor strip tease features a very nice light blue bra and panties with a beautiful fit on her shapely rear end. The best part comes with Abby lying on her front wagging her big butt curves in your face both with and without panties on. She briefly does a great little butt squirming action with her ass hanging off the edge of the bed in the front view and then bends over to end the clip.

Buzz Cums in Two Minutes. 2:31

Abby shows that it really doesn't take her long to have an orgasm when she uses the big plug in vibrator on her pussy. You can clearly see her anus flexing as she orgasms after perhaps only a minute of stimulation.