873 Valentina Nappi

874 April Blue

875 Gina Devine

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

The Mane Event. 21:10

New model April sometimes seems a little unsure of what to do with herself although she overcomes this with her unusual charms. Some of her best assets include about five pounds of long luxurious hair and crazy beautiful eyes. Her colorful form fitting dress seems particularly suited to the location. The last half of this clip is all nude posing with some slight rookie awkwardness and some otherwise excellent poses to show off her nude underside. There's some considerable segments of backward squatting poses as she hovers over your face and later some boob fondling while in the same position. Every once in a while her face really lights as she cracks a beautiful smile and has a little giggle at her posing experience.

Fuck 'n Ah Some. 10:48

This masturbation scene starts with a moment of lightheartedness as she uses her slim vibrator like an electric toothbrush. Playful moment aside she then gets busy with the toy in and on her pussy. In the second half she squats leaning back against the couch with her ass hanging in mid air giving an excellent view of her underside while she fuck her pussy.

Scene 2

Pier a Pee Session. 1:10

April takes a quick pee while sitting on the edge of a pier above the seething waters of the Pacific as the waves crash against the rocks. You might find the setting a little more interesting the actual pee because there's not very much of a pee and yet the crashing waves are quite mesmerizing.