872 Niki Lee Young

873 Valentina Nappi

874 April Blue

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

The Dot Matrix. 11:24

Valentina's polka dot bra and panties can hardly contain her considerable curves with boobs and butt spilling out at both ends. There's quite a lot of hands free boob wobbling both with and without the bra. She gets a really good boob jiggle going with all manner of side to side and up and down motion. The clip ends with a bit of bend over butt wiggling with her panties still on but wedged well up in her ass crack.

Tour the Nappi Valley. 7:57

Now with Valentina fully naked on the bed we take some time to just soak in her bare pussy and ass crack. She does some flexing of her kegel muscles to make her anus and vagina open and close a little bit. Near the end she does some more hands free boob jiggling while squatting on her knees and while bending forward with her boobs dangling. It ends with Valentina lying on her front with her legs wide open spreading her underside in your face once again with more muscle flexing.

I Dink I'm in Love. 12:13

Valentina uses a pink rubber dildo to fuck herself while lying back on the bed. She frequently pulls the toy out of her pussy leaving a big gaping hole every time the toy comes out. There's also segments with Valentina fucking herself while chest down and ass up and later squatting on top of the toy in the front view. This position looks somewhat like she is fucking you as you lie on your back with a POV perspective although closer up. She finishes it lying on her back one more time. After she is done with the toy we get a fantastic close up pussy shot with lots of really obvious muscle flexing.

Use Dink in Asshole. 8:39

The big rubber dildo now finds it's way up Valentina's ass hole. This is a lot more than just a bunch of dabbling as she really fucks herself in the ass and even makes her anus gape open as the toy comes out of her ass. Once again there's lots of anal muscle flexing with detailed views of her anus opening right up and closing. After an extended period of slow in and out she speeds it up and fucks herself deep and passionately.