874 April Blue

875 Gina Devine

876 Breanne Benson

Shoot Location: Orvieto, Italy

Scene 1

Have you tried Devine in Italy? ITC Favorite 22:10

Gina is the ultimate professional with her slick posing and expressive face. She is completely bottomless underneath her lacy black lingerie giving you plenty of bare pussy and ass views right from the beginning. She spends quite a lot of time up on top of the small table using it like a pedestal which displays her like a beautiful sculpture. She later moves onto the chair using it in some imaginative ways to strike some very sexy and revealing poses. Though she never removes a single item of clothing until the end it is nonetheless really very explicit with almost non stop pussy and ass ogling all the way through. Her slender figure is in fact remarkably shapely with beautiful shapely legs, a tiny waist and large protruding pussy lips. Behind her lies a beautiful backdrop with the Italian countryside glowing in the golden hour of the evening.

The Pearly Bird gets the Squirm. 6:24

Now fully nude Gina removes her pearl necklace and uses it to floss her pussy while lying on her side on the chair. She later changes to a bend over position with one knee up on the arm of the chair. She has a subtle squirming motion that is really nice in both positions. You'll love the way her pussy lips get sandwiched between the strings of pearls as they slither through the folds of her pussy on both sides.

Blue Rib'n at the Cuntry Fair. 7:20

Gina's rich blue dildo has a prominently ribbed texture running down it's full length causing it's motion to stutter somewhat as it goes in and out of her pussy. She soon moves to a fantastic position squatting up on top of the arms of the chair with her squirming ass hovering in mid air. She gets quite enthusiastic towards the climax of the video with some frantic squirming and quivering as she cums.