862 Erica Fontes

863 Cindy Starfall

864 Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: St John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

It Cindy Details. 24:54

Our cutest little Asian girl returns once again to show off her stunning body in this expansive strip tease and nude posing video. If you love flawless Asian skin and a tight and shapely ass you need look no further than this flirty little beauty. She spends quite a lot of time dancing around over top of your face giving you a great view up her spectacular ass both with the panties on and off. She then gets down on the floor and lets you soak in her gorgeous ass crack with some amazing close up views while lying on her front. The latter portions of this features some really nice bend over posing on the bed and an awesome squatting pose with her ass hovering and squirming over your face.

A Tickler for de Tails. ITC Favorite 10:45

An off camera assistant gets involved now with a large feather and some nice feminine fingernails tickling Cindy's feminine places. Cindy is perhaps the most genuinely ticklish model we have ever subjected to the tickle torture. Her reactions are at times priceless with lots of squirming and giggling. Her freak outs are really quite cute and obviously not contrived at all.

Starfall Movie gets a Thumbs Up. 4:32

The off camera assistant is involved once again, this time in a much more sensual role with her fingers exploring Cindy's pussy and providing a few digits for her to hump against. Cindy remains lying on her front with her legs wide open giving a great up the ass view as she humps her ass up and down with the assistant's thumb fucking her in the pussy.