863 Cindy Starfall

864 Vicki Chase

865 Katia de Lys

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Chasing the Blues Away. 17:50

This strip tease video is shot half indoors and half outdoors as Vicki poses in a large open doorway of the bathroom and spend much of the time on the bathroom balcony. The bra and panty posing is quite elegant and last for about 7 minutes followed by all nude posing for the remainder of the clip. After some stand up butt spreading she gets down on the floor and crawls around into a few different poses showing off her silky smooth ass. She momentarily uses her previously discarded panties as a prop sometimes rubbing them on her pussy and then sucking on them.

This Scene has a Real Mexican Vibe. 19:11

Vicki lies on her back on the edge of the bathtub as she uses a couple of different vibrators to bring on a few orgasms. She remains lying back with her legs spread wide in the air throughout exposing her underside very nicely. The first orgasm takes a while to come with the tooth shaped vibrator but then she resorts to the heavy duty hitachi for a second and third orgasm. The action becomes quite intense in the latter portions with lots of screaming and a look of intense concentration on her face.

Can I Dink the Butt Holed Water? ITC Favorite 13:03

This bathtub scene is an ass lover's dream with lots of awesome views of Vicki's silky smooth butt cheeks all glistening wet. You have the perspective of being right in the bathtub with her in the most beautiful of settings. The bend over and ass up views are quite magnificent with the swishing water of the jacuzzi jets swirling all around her ass. She sometimes lets her ass bob up and down in the waterline while lying on her front. She then thrusts her ass up high in the air showing off her supremely flawless and smooth ass skin while an off camera assistant cascades glistening streams of water over her ass. There's also a few very nice overhead views showing off the beautiful curves of her back and ass while she wobbles her butt in the waterline.