861 Cassie Laine

862 Erica Fontes

863 Cindy Starfall

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

Pay Interest to the Slender. 17:20

The strip tease portion of this video lasts only four minutes leaving the rest of this clip to just enjoy the full nudity of Erica's amazingly tight and sexy body. Literally everything on this girl is flawless with a very slender yet curvy figure like a Barbi doll. There's numerous positions that show off her beautiful undercarriage in the most revealing ways with pussy and ass filling your screen and vagina gaping open right in front of your face. Notably her poses lying on her side, bending over and squatting on your face are really exceptional giving you a facefull of absolute feminine perfection.

Salon time Cumming. 15:40

Erica takes quite a long time playing with her chrome vibrating toy as she aims to produce a genuine orgasm. The end result may or may not in fact be genuine but there is no doubt that she gives you some really beautiful views of her pussy and ass throughout. There's a lengthy segment with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch giving a beautiful view of her butt cheeks hanging in mid air with a little stream of creamy juice oozing out of her vagina and dripping off her butt cheek. The final shot at the end with her ass hovering near the floor is quite outstanding with beautiful form displayed in her shapely underside.