860 Adriana Chechik

861 Cassie Laine

862 Erica Fontes

Shoot Location: Russell, New Zealand

Scene 1

Cassie up your Dress? 8:21

Cassie's loose fitting dress allows for some very nice upskirt views, especially as she stands right over your face giving you a great look at her butt and thong panties under the dress. She later gets on her knees showing a beautiful bend over pose with some very sexy butt squirming motion.

A Pretty Laine Performance. 14:54

Now with the panties off and the dress still on we get some extensive bottomless views with Cassie displaying her naked pussy and ass beautifully in several positions. There's plenty of bending over posing and squatting over your face with some nice pussy spreading mixed in. The dress comes off with 4 minutes remaining and then she poses lying on her front on the couch. We end with a beautiful pussy and ass spread with her ass projecting up into the air.

What ya Twatchin'? ITC Favorite 13:55

Cassie lies back with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch throughout most of this masturbation scene. You get a great view of her entire pussy and ass area as she rubs the vibrating toy over her clitoris and inside her vagina. There's a short segment of bend over posing before she returns to the original position and slowly builds up the action to a beautiful orgasm. Her orgasmic contractions are really obvious with lots of muscle flexing in her anus and some beautiful squirming motions. There are moments where her clitoris sticks out quite prominently as she teases it with the vibrator. After the first orgasm she just keeps on going eventually building up to another equally fantastic orgasm with lots of obvious contractions. This may be one of our best orgasm videos on the site. Though you don't always see her face during the orgasms the view of her pussy and ass through all the action is quite amazing.