857 Betty

858 Lola Foxx & Aaliyah Love

859 Tracy Gold

Shoot Location: Quepos, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Porn Oh's. 20:03

This rather extensive first clip runs the gamut of a usual lesbian porno including lots of pussy licking, ass licking and even a little bit of foot fetish content near the beginning. A quite passionate 69 position accounts for a large portion of the middle section of this clip followed by some excellent ass licking with Aaliyah bending over and Lola's tongue squirming up her anus while she masturbates her pussy.

Tip Toe through the Two Lips. 5:08

This interlude is targeted specifically to foot fetishists as the girls sensuously massage and suck on each other's feet and toes. It even gets quite graphic with close up views of tongues squirming in between toes and perfectly polished toenails slipping inside of sucking mouths. Later we see Lola's perfect toes right on Aaliyah's pussy as she humps her toes with a little ass jiggling action.

Feather Freakout. 10:15

The girls take turns tickling each other with feathers and fingernails as the primary weapons of choice. Lola is quite ticklish but nothing compared to Aaliyah as she completely freaks out when tickled. There's a lot of screaming in this video. It ends with Aaliyah getting her revenge in a pillow fight.

Smother Nose Best. 3:32

There's one more special segment of lesbian action to end the video. Lola uses her big ass to smother Aaliyah as she literally sits on her face and humps it. There's some very good viewing angles showing off the beautiful curves of her back and ass. Aaliyah's make up is pretty much destroyed at the end of this.