856 Breanne Benson

857 Betty

858 Lola Foxx & Aaliyah Love

Shoot Location: Venturina, Italy

Scene 1

Your Castle is Betty Betty Nice. 19:22

Betty's strip tease takes a bit of a slow pace and is perhaps not as graphic as some through the first half. Later on she show some very nice poses bending over and lying on her side with nothing left to the imagination. The setting is especially nice with an amazing Italian castle in the background.

Grounds for a Device. 21:17

Betty uses a small vibrating toy for this masturbation scene and unfortunately had some trouble getting an orgasm to come. It takes her a really long time to reach a climax although allowing for plenty of time to ogle her pussy and ass along the way. The final climax may or may not be a genuine orgasm but it is somewhat dubious. The bend over portion of this is certainly the best part with some fantastic views up her squirming ass while she rubs the toy against her clitoris. The remainder of the clip drags a bit but it's here for those that want it. Fast forward to 19:00 to skip the less interesting bits.