858 Lola Foxx & Aaliyah Love

859 Tracy Gold

860 Adriana Chechik

Shoot Location: Venturina, Italy

Scene 1

The Gold Rash of the Sex Tease. 18:08

Unfortunately Tracy had a pretty obvious rash on her ass cheeks for this shoot. If you can ignore that then you are in for a great little strip tease in a beautiful old world type of setting. She looks quite stunning in her flowing beige dress with some very nice leg tease in the initial stages. It doesn't take her all that long to get naked leaving lots of time to inspect her bare pussy and ass with some excellent close up views. Her position lying on her side with her legs open is especially nice and she holds it for quite a while giving a great close up view with all the sexy bits well exposed. Near the end her bend over pose on the couch also shows off her curvaceous underside really well. Rash aside she does have a really beautiful undercarriage worthy of close admiration here.

I Goo Gold it. 10:10

Tracy's dildo masturbation scene has several positions but the best of it comes with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch with all of her underside beautifully exposed for a great eyeful of pussy and ass. She develops a really nice stream of creamy goo flowing out of her vagina and flooding her ass crack. There's also a really sexy bit of finger dabbling after she is done with the dildo as she scoops up her cum and licks her fingers.

In Speculum Magnificum. 4:38

Tracy's speculum scene has some very nicely lit inside views including a great ending showing the inside view as the speculum is pulled out of her vagina. You can see how her vagina closes up behind the speculum as it comes out of her vagina.