855 Sara Luvv

856 Breanne Benson

857 Betty

Shoot Location: Russell, New Zealand

Scene 1

Lawn Legged Booty. 24:03

There's much swaying of hips with teasing glimpses to start this strip tease video. You get several minutes to admire the fit of her shorts and some very nice up shirt shots with her boobs hanging out. Her shorts and panties come off long before her knitted top leaving some very sexy bottomless poses with all the prettiest bits hanging out and well exposed. She spends the last third of this clip lying right on the grass with several positions giving some great views up her ass. Towards the end she lies on her back with her knees pulled right back to her chest in a great pose to show off her amazing curves around her ass and with her pussy out in the open.

Tourist Attraction. 1:29

This brief interlude shows Breanne just posing fully nude in front of a beautiful waterfront view. She was apparently an unexpected bonus attraction for a boat full of tourists passing by.

Vista Vibes. 9:58

Now lying on the lawn chair Breanne shows a great pose with her knees pulled up to her chest before getting busy with her vibrating toy. The orgasm is perhaps not so obvious if present at all but the position is really quite nice with the pussy out in the open and her beautiful ass curves bulging out prominently.