854 Tracy Delicious

855 Sara Luvv

856 Breanne Benson

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Know Luvv Loft. 14:14

Sara's dress is hardly a dress at all but more like a lacy top being worn as a dress. There's no panties involved so she is essentially bottomless and there's bare pussy and ass views virtually from the beginning. Sara's bend over position is really excellent with her legs spread wide and her knees up on the arms of the chair allowing perfect viewing access from a low angle. After starting this scene in the living room we follow Sara up a ladder into a tiny bunk space near the ceiling. She pauses half way up the ladder to squirm her bottomless ass in your face. Then inside the small bunk space she shows off her underside some more with a nice bend over pose.

Is Sara Orgasm Cumming? 8:57

Sara's vibrator looks enormous next to her tiny figure with the ball of the toy being bigger than her entire pussy. At first she uses it pressed against her clitoris while in a bend over position giving you a great view up her ass while she humps it. She then turns onto her back and just presses the big head of the toy against her clitoris to eventually bring on an orgasm. It takes her a while to reach the orgasm but it is apparently genuine.

In a Tight Bunk Hole. ITC Favorite 11:24

Sara spends most of this clip either bending over or lying on her front with her ass thrust into your face while she plays with her ass hole. There's lots of well lubricated and very sexy anal fingering. Her pose lying on her front with her legs spread wide shows off her ass beautifully with prime close up views soaking in her greasy ass crack and shapely ass cheeks dominating the field of view. The action is really top quality also with some passionate anal fingering towards the climax of the video.