849 Cayenne Klein

850 Niki Lee Young & Jada Stevens

851 Candy Sweet

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Getting Twat Outside. 6:45

There's not a lot of tease at the beginning of this video as the girls strip off pretty quickly and promptly get into some fast lesbian action. There is no climax to the action at this point but there is some rather nice pussy and ass licking to get things going.

The Stuff of Reams. 6:30

Jada gets a rubber dildo in her pussy for a brief moment and then she turns to the doggy style pose for a proper ass fucking with Niki controlling the toy.

Finger in the Dyke. 4:06

Niki is now on the receiving end getting a pussy licking while lying on her back with her legs spread high in the air. She also gets finger fucked up the ass at the same time.

Pool up the Rear. 4:09

The girls take a short intermission from the lesbian action and cool off in the pool and the mood is a bit more playful now with a bit of butt slapping. Later they take turns spreading pussy and ass from behind and sprinkling water down their ass cracks. There's some very nice butt shots with two wet asses standing side by side.

Hot Tropical Feather. 7:49

The girls take turns testing each others ticklish spots with a feather and then with fingernails. There's plenty of attention focused on Jada's big round butt cheeks in the first half of this clip. Then with Niki lying on her back she gets a little pussy tickling and she even gets the feather right inside her gaping vagina. Things get a little more boisterous at the end as the girls try to out-tickle each other.

Bead Oil Juice. ITC Favorite 18:32

This massage scene features the perfect combination of oil, water and sun creating some fantastic visuals of water beading up on shapely glistening ass cheeks. We spend a good amount of time gazing up Jada's big juicy ass while she lies on her front with her legs wide open getting her ass oiled up. Then bending over on her knees she gets multiple jugs of water pouring down her ass. There's some very nice butt wobbling mixed in from time to time and plenty of oil, rinse and repeat. Niki also gets the similar oil and water massage although it is really Jada's big juicy ass that steals the show.