850 Niki Lee Young & Jada Stevens

851 Candy Sweet

852 Lexi Bloom

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Please White here. 12:50

Candy's strip tease takes a very casual pace giving you plenty of time to admire her sexy body in the elegant white lingerie. After starting in a standing position next to the wall she moves onto the bed and gives you a great introduction to her ass crack with her panties pulled aside.

Check out the Sweet Spot. 11:05

With her panties now off we spend this entire clip just gazing upon Candy's beautiful pussy and ass. There's close ups and then there's extreme close ups to inspect her open vagina and her ass hole. The first half of this is mostly front side views with Candy lying on her back with her legs spread in the air while she holds her pussy open. In the second half she turns onto her front giving an excellent view up her ass with her legs wide open and her ass projecting up into your face. The last minute features a sexy crab walk position giving a great view of her entire undercarriage squirming in your face.

Candy Came. 8:34

Candy uses a small white vibrator in this masturbation scene and she mostly just rubs it on her clitoris area to eventually bring on a climax. Her positions are really excellent for showing off her pussy and ass with all the pretty places well exposed and out in the open. The latter half is all with Candy lying on her front with her legs wide open showing a great view up her ass as she humps her ass up and down to rub her clit against the toy. It's the perfect position for ass lovers to get a great eyeful of ass combined with masturbation action.

Postlewd. 5:56

With the masturbation now done Candy still remains in the same position lying on her front giving a beautiful view up her ass. There's a little bit of spreading and some excellent ass squirming in this position and then the remainder of the clip lingers on various crawling and standing poses to round out the video.