848 Ria Rodriguez

849 Cayenne Klein

850 Niki Lee Young & Jada Stevens

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Cayenne Peeper. 9:26

Though there's not a lot of full nudity at first Cayenne's best assets are immediately obvious as soon as she bends over. Her slender frame supports a very shapely little ass with her lacy blue panties outlining her curves beautifully. Later near the end we get a very revealing introduction to her nude pussy and ass with her panties down around her knees.

Sponge Bob No Pants. ITC Favorite 10:30

Now naked on the couch Cayenne shows you all the private parts of her body with lots of non stop pussy and ass ogling. Her spreading is really quite outstanding with all of the most intimate places wide open and well exposed for inspection. There's one small bonus for curious minds as on the odd occasion you can see a hint of the sponge that she wears inside the vagina during the menstrual cycle.

Under Hair Assment. ITC Favorite 8:03

If you like the view of a girl squatting over your face then you will definitely want to see this clip as Cayenne gives you the perfect view up her undercarriage with lots of sexy motion and pussy and ass spreading. It is noteworthy that she also has particularly sexy hair and she often flaunts it by tossing her hair around. Parts of this are a bit like watching a girl slowly dance over your face with her shapely little ass in the perfect position for a naughty view.

I Came here Twice. 8:28

Cayenne uses a strong vibrator to bring on a couple of excellent orgasms. You can clearly see her anus squeezing as she orgasms followed by a little stream of pussy juice that flows out of her vagina and down her ass crack.