840 Valentina Nappi

841 Rosemary Radeva

842 Anikka Albrite

Shoot Location: St. John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Windows Heaven. 12:56

There's a bit of playful chatter in the beginning of this video as Rosemary teases and eventually peels out of her pink lace bra and panties. The first views up her bare ass crack reveal a very tidy and flawless underside with not the slightest hint of a follicle anywhere. Aside from a few bug bites on her legs her skin is flawless. We spend the last few minutes of this clip just admiring her naked pussy and ass in a few different positions including a great bend over pose.

Tight and Frisky. ITC Favorite 7:25

Rosemary squats backwards on the edge of the bed giving you a pretty awesome view up her ass from directly below. Her various ass motions, squirming, slapping and spreading are really awesome. She is strikingly shapely for such a slim girl when viewed from underneath. What starts out with slow squirming eventually becomes much more passionate ass groping with very firm butt spreading and tight jiggles. It is the perfect action to show off her firm ass to the fullest.

Sprinkle Fairy Dusk. ITC Favorite 3:33

Rosemary goes outside onto a small balcony to use her vibrating toy in the fading light of dusk. Her position lying flat on her back on the hard tile surface with her knees up reveals her full underside beautifully. You can see her vagina pushing hard and opening up as she produces several short squirting orgasms.

Test Tickles. 6:36

Rosemary gets a little bit of tickle torture from an off camera assistant first with a feather and then with fingernails. There is of course lots of giggling and playfulness throughout along with a few nice up the butt views along the way.