841 Rosemary Radeva

842 Anikka Albrite

843 Bree Daniels

Shoot Location: Quepos, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Red Waggin'. 14:19

There's few things better than a tight fitting pair of shorts on a voluptuous ass like Anikka's and we really take our time to inspect the bum of her shorts while she wags her ass around. She doesn't take her shorts off until nine minutes into this strip tease allowing plenty of time to get an eyeful of shorts. Then with her shorts off we get more excellent ass views with just her slim panty thong in her ass crack. Towards the end she bends over and pulls her panties down giving you a very explicit introduction to her beautiful bare pussy and ass with her crack spread open.

White Thick 'n Meat. ITC Favorite 12:31

The first half of this is entirely just naked pussy and ass ogling with explicit close up views showing every detail in several different positions. Literally everything is voluptuous on this girl's underside with big juicy ass cheeks, a deep ass crack and some of the meatiest thick pussy lips you could wish to see. Her bend over and squatting poses are excellent with lots of beautiful meat all spread open and gaping. In the last five minutes she turns onto her back with her legs in the air and starts to fiddle with her pussy lips. It is some light pussy rubbing masturbation with some very nice close up views showing her thick pussy meat being nicely manipulated under her fingers. There is no climax to the action here as this is more like a warmup for the following clip. There are some nice close up pussy spreads at the end. The sound track is also quite interesting with the background ambiance of a small waterfall in the pool and tropical parrots chirping away in the nearby forest.

Costa Shreaker. 6:01

Now with a strong vibrator Anikka fairly quickly excites her pussy to a great orgasm. Her position with her ass hanging off the edge of the chair accentuates the fullness of her ass curves dangling in mid air.

She's got Dip Pools. ITC Favorite 5:06

Anikka goes for a quick dip on the shallow shelf of the pool. Her squatting position really shows off the beautiful curves of her back in the high angle view. We also get the low angle view with her wet ass popping up out of the water and bending over. She then moves to lie on her front with her ass bobbing up and down in the waterline. The water is at the perfect depth to show off her amazing ass floating just in and above the waterline with some nice butt jiggles as she moves around.