839 Kiera Winters

840 Valentina Nappi

841 Rosemary Radeva

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Full Bodied Wine. 16:16

Valentina will be of special interest to those who like full bodied curves. She spends a fair amount of time just bouncing her curves around before she starts peeling off her lingerie. Her panty thong is nothing more than a string in her ass crack revealing almost everything from behind. She is fully bottomless as of about two thirds through this clip and then there's some very nice bend over ass spreading. Near the end her vagina pops right open and we get right in to the microscopic distance to inspect her pussy.

Italia Twat. 6:49

Valentina's speculum scene features quite a bit of light muscle flexing showing her vagina clenching down on the speculum. The bend over pose is perhaps the best part of this scene with gravity assisting to open her vagina even more. She gets the giggles for a little while making her cervix jump around in convulsive motions.

Playing Buzzball. 7:45

There's not so much happening through the first part of this masturbation scene as Valentina just jams the vibrator hard against her clitoris. After the initial build up she has quite a decent orgasm with convulsive motions and then there's some very nice close up pussy views post orgasm.