830 Niki Lee Young

831 Tracy Delicious & Gina Devine

832 Betty

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

Delicious and Devine. 5:59

This scene has quite a sensual mood as the girls slowly undress each other and feel each other out. There is no bottomless nudity yet but lots of caressing to set the tone.

Feel Licks Meddlesome. 15:22

Gina is the first to be on the receiving end with her large pussy lips getting most the attention at first. Her position lying back with her legs wide open and pulled back exposes her girly bits beautifully as Tracy eats her out. She later turns onto her front and Tracy gives her ass a little massaging and slapping to show it off. There's a little bit of butt licking mixed in amongst all the ass fiddling. Gina turns onto her back once again and the action comes to a climax with Tracy flicking her tongue over her big meaty pussy flaps.

Chompin' at the Butt. ITC Favorite 11:08

Now Tracy gets naked and gets plenty of attention to her big round booty. Her poses bending over and lying on her front show off her gorgeous rear end beautifully while Gina fondles her butt and eats her ass out. The view up her butt is quite awesome as Gina takes some big lollipop licks up the full length of her crack from clit to anus. The action comes to a climax with Tracy rubbing her pussy while Gina eats her ass out.

Scene 2

Thumb thing to Dream about. 9:34

We sneak in on Tracy while she is asleep at night and peel back her sheets to take a look at her ass. You see a pair of female hands from an off camera model exploring her ass, first with the panties on and then with her ass completely naked. Tracy soon spreads her legs and appears to be getting into it as the off camera model's thumb starts rubbing up and down her pussy slit. She gets quite obviously moist and even starts grinding her ass up and down against the penetrating thumb as it slides up her slit and into her pussy. There's some very nice ass motion and great views up her ass as she slowly humps her ass up and down.