829 Candy Sweet

830 Niki Lee Young

831 Tracy Delicious & Gina Devine

Shoot Location: Malibu, California

Scene 1

Short Diffused. 7:40

This strip tease clip is mostly about showing off the jean shorts and then the silky white panties. She spends some time squirming around while standing over your face. There is no bottomless nudity yet.

Foggin Awesome. 6:21

The mood changes quite drastically all of a sudden as Niki starts singing and dancing around and then gets fully naked. She is much more talkative in the first half of this clip than at other times in this video. She then gets down on the chair and spreads her pussy open for you. She is able to do quite a wide pussy gape with her fingers well enough back so as to not block the view.

A Chrome Bone Solo. 9:47

Niki gets comfy on the bed and then gets busy with a chrome vibrator. There's lots of noisy drama as she vibrates her clit to a climax in several positions. There's not so much in the way of pussy juice but you will like the way her vagina tends to stay open when she takes the toy out of her pussy.