831 Tracy Delicious & Gina Devine

832 Betty

833 Breanne Benson

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Legs go Slow. 12:13

New model Betty makes a quite elegant entrance looking beautiful in her blue and salmon coloured dress. Your attention will surely be drawn to her sexy legs as she slowly moves them around in the most enticing manner giving a hint of a view up her dress. Then standing we get a nice upskirt panty view before she pulls down her panties and continues to tease with the dress still on. The remainder of this clip has some very nice upskirt views and she briefly spreads her ass in your face at the end.

Betty Booty. ITC Favorite 19:12

This is no longer just a tease as Betty spends this whole clip with her bare pussy and ass in your face giving you plenty of time to admire and explore her feminine bits. All of the most revealing poses are included here with some very nice bend over and open legs poses lying on her front and side. Her dress remains on through the first half of this though in no way impeding explicit views up her pussy and ass. Then her dress comes off for all nude posing through the remainder of the clip. The final pose with Betty lying on her side is especially nice with some big ass curves bulging and all the naughty bits well exposed in the middle of it all.

Buzz Buddy. 12:58

Betty uses a small pink vibrator in this masturbation scene with some occasional insertion but mostly with the vibrator just rubbing against her clitoris. The scene progresses a bit slowly as it takes her a long time to reach a climax though this gives you plenty of time to inspect the girly bits if that is what you like.