828 Jada Stevens

829 Candy Sweet

830 Niki Lee Young

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Candy Clothes come off? 14:27

Candy's strip tease takes a pretty casual pace allowing plenty of time to admire her youthful figure and snug fitting jean shorts. There's equally as much time spent admiring her pink lacy panties as well followed by a brief bit of nudity at the end. Her motions are quite slow and understated as she doesn't exactly put on a show but poses in a quite relaxed manner.

Sweet 'n Low. 5:09

This is all nude posing on the couch with some very nice pussy and ass spreading. Her positions with her legs up and lying on her side give a great view up her ass with her youthful undercarriage out in the open and well exposed. Once again her movement is very casual and slow giving you ample opportunity to gaze upon her sexy bits.

Some Fuckin' Sweet Stuff. 12:35

Candy's dildo masturbation scene starts out with some slow pumping action with the toy going deep up her pussy and often coming all the way out leaving a nice open vagina between strokes. The action heats up after she scoots her ass right off the edge of the couch letting it hang in mid air giving a great view of her ass while she pumps her pussy to a climax.

Candy Cave. ITC Favorite 10:48

Candy's speculum scene shows some very well lit views inside her vagina both in the close up and the full body views. We show the usual positions both on her back and doggy style but then we also show the speculum placed in her vagina sideways. The close up inside views are especially interesting when she turns onto her side and then starts laughing causing her vaginal walls to convulse wildly. There's a fair amount more close up inside footage than usual in this speculum scene.