827 Cherie DeVille

828 Jada Stevens

829 Candy Sweet

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

This video is an ass lover's paradise with one of the best booties in the business taking centre stage throughout virtually the entire duration. Any one of these clips may have been considered an inthecrack favourite based on the amazing ass alone.

Scene 1

You Lacy Bum. 8:36

Jada poses in many different positions just showing off her big ass curves wrapped in her sexy black lacy lingerie. No matter what direction we look at her ass the curves are amazing. There's not much nudity yet but the tease is relentless with her big butt filling out her lingerie beautifully.

Jada's Junk. ITC Favorite 24:05

With Jada now naked we spend a good long time just exploring her beautiful underside. Her super voluptuous ass is worthy of fanatical worship and we soak it for all it's worth here. There's no shortage of explicit pussy and ass spreading throughout this clip with lots of underneath views in standing, squatting and bend over positions. It is amazing how her wide curves fill your field of view when she squats her ass on your face. Her butt wobbling is a thing of beauty with perhaps the sexiest hefty slow motion butt wobble you will ever see. This is most beautifully display at the 13 to 18 minute mark with a sideways butt wobble that seems to defy the laws of physics. We made sure she kept doing it for several minutes so you can thoroughly soak your brains in it. After this she returns to squatting on your face while hovering between the bed and the bench giving excellent access to gaze straight up her pussy and ass from underneath.

She Anal that Bad. 10:15

Jada's anal scene starts with a little bit of finger dabbling in her ass hole while she lies on her side with her spread ass and monster curves bulging in your face. She then progresses to a quite large rubber dildo which fits up her ass relatively easily. She changes to a squatting pose with her big butt curves in your face while she continues fucking herself in the ass. There's a somewhat moderate climax to the action with a little bit of quivering in her thighs. She then wobbles her ass around in the air again with the dildo still in her ass hands free. At the end there's another excellent pussy and ass spread while squatting in your face. You can see a little bit of ass juice lingering around her butt hole from her freshly fucked ass.

Scene 2

In your Dreams. 13:21

If you imagine yourself sneaking in on Jada at night to fondle her ass while she sleeps then you will certainly relate to this video. You see a pair of female hands from an off camera mystery girl playing the part of the curious creeper exploring in her panties, spreading her cheeks and feeling her out and eventually thumb fucking her pussy. You can well imagine the wet dreams she might be having as she starts humping her ass up and down and grinding her pussy against the thumb in her pussy slit.