809 Rihanna Samuel

810 Gina Devine

811 Remy LaCroix

Shoot Location: Orvieto, Italy

Scene 1

In the Jean Pool. 15:52

Gina was none too concerned about getting her clothes all wet as she splashes herself with pool water while still fully dressed. Her snug fitting jean shorts stay on through most of this strip tease and they have a bit of a damp look from water being splashed on them. Then with the shorts off she does a little teasing with her black lace and polka dot panties. You can see the peach fuzz hairs on her butt cheeks glistening in the sunlight. There's a few minutes of complete nudity at the end showing off her sleek figure along with some underneath views of her bare pussy and ass.

I Shoes to get Wet. ITC Favorite 7:31

Gina gets in the pool and poses on the submerged steps with several standing and bend over poses. She is essentially fully naked with one glaring exception in that she has kept her bright red stiletto heel shoes on in the pool. The overhead views with Gina standing at the side of the pool really show off the beautiful curves of her back and ass. The bend over poses are also really good with her glistening wet undercarriage well exposed in the sunlight.

Wetflix. 9:47

Gina sits back on the shallowest step with her ass barely in the water and lifts her legs straight up out of the pool with water pouring out of her shoes as she starts masturbating. There's no toys involved as she opts to use just fingers to rub her rather large meaty pussy lips. There's a little segment of bend over posing in the middle of this clip and then she returns to the sitting pose. She lifts her ass up out of the water as the action reaches a climax with her butt squirming mid air right in front of your face. This clip ends just like it began with Gina leaning back on the shallow step and repeatedly dipping her feet in the water and sticking them straight up in the air with water pouring out of her shoes.

Speed Wiggle. 5:10

Gina takes a casual stroll around the edge of the pool showing off her sleek figure in motion. It starts out as a slow stroll but then she suddenly picks up the pace and does a brisk walk. She has got quite an impressive wiggle in her walk for a girl with no fat on her bones.