808 Rosemary Radeva

809 Rihanna Samuel

810 Gina Devine

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Steeple Lace. 13:48

This is a quite slow moving strip tease with Rihanna looking extra elegant in her burgundy dress. We spend quite a lot of time admiring the backside of her lacy panties after the dress comes off. There's about two minutes of bottomless nudity at the end of this clip with Rihanna spreading her butt in your face.

A Chick off the Old Block. 8:47

Rihanna leans back in the chair and shows off her pussy with some light fiddling and close up spreading of the pussy lips. She then gets up on the table top to display her underside while lying on her front and bending over with her ass in the air.

Samuel Jacks some Pump Friction. 13:42

Rihanna's masturbation session starts out with her using just her fingers slowly dabbling around in her pussy and rubbing her clitoris. She soon transitions to a dildo and eventually gets really nice and juicy with some excellent penetration action. She really buries the dildo to it's full depth with each stroke and frequently pulls it all the way out, often resulting in a nice little stream of pussy juice running down her ass cheeks.

Cunt Reception. 5:46

Rihanna's speculum scene reveals a very tidy pink vagina with a little puddle of creamy juice at the bottom. Besides the usual position she also poses on her knees bending over with her gaping vagina up in the air. The light doesn't always hit the right spot in the full body views but is really excellent in the close up inside views.