810 Gina Devine

811 Remy LaCroix

812 Niki Lee Young

Shoot Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

Scene 1

Yoga Gaga. 19:41

Remy does her yoga routine on the deck wearing her bright orange stretch pants. You might almost find your self ogling the really spectacular coastal view in the background as much as the girl. There's really no attempt by Remy to put on a show here as we just let her do her usual yoga routine. As a result you may feel like a casual observer watching something quite genuine and unscripted. She gradually strips off articles of clothing and eventually ends up doing her yoga fully naked. Towards the end there are increasingly more revealing poses, some of which have nothing to do with yoga but just show off the naughty bits with a little bit of spreading.

Remy's Rump Rinse. ITC Favorite 7:14

There's some really awesome butt views in this clip with excellent lighting as Remy pours a bottle of water all down her backside. The combination of beautiful voluptuous ass curves and glistening wet skin with great lighting and a spectacular backdrop makes for a truly beautiful video here. With the help of an off camera assistant we also get some great spread ass views with water streaming through her ass crack. Every once in a while you see her ass hole winking in and out as the water pours right over it.

Hula va View. ITC Favorite 9:30

This is our take on Remy's most famous talent. We don't claim to be the only place where you can see this unusual hula hoop talent but you will definitely not see it elsewhere with such a great background or with the naughty underside views. Remy manages to strip her body suite down without missing a beat, only stopping briefly to get it over her feet. The second half of this clip is all fully naked hula hoop action. We get a particularly interesting low angle view with her big butt cheeks swaying around hypnotically. She pauses for a little while and uses the hoop as a little shelf under her ass. At the end you see her walking away around the corner of the house while still swinging the hoop around her waist as she walks.

Cum to New Zealand. 6:28

Remy lies back on the deck chair with her favourite toy and she vibrates her pussy to a very obvious and gooey orgasm. She is not particularly vocal but the contractions of her orgasm are really pronounced with obvious muscle flexing and a thick gob of pussy goo developing at her vaginal entrance right at the moment of orgasm. At the end she dabbles a finger in her wet gooeyness and licks it off her finger.