807 Lola Foxx

808 Rosemary Radeva

809 Rihanna Samuel

Shoot Location: St John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

That's my Short of Tease. 13:21

There's a brief bit of walking at the beginning of this video with Rosemary doing the fashion catwalk wearing her hot red jean shorts. She then moves to the middle of the patio for a delicious tease with her shorts and then her panties. She has a beautiful shape around the bottom of her ass such as you might not expect for such a slim girl. Her ass cheeks spill out the bottom of her jean shorts very nicely giving some excellent underneath views. The shorts come off with 5 minutes remaining and we spend most of the remaining time admiring her stripy lace panties. Near the end she crawls across the patio with just her panties on. There's no bottomless nudity in this clip.

On the Rear Patio. 10:24

The panties quickly come off and we spend most of this clip admiring Rosemary's naked pussy and ass. She crawls across the patio a couple of times showing off her bend over ass in motion. She displays her bare underside with a few very nice poses including a crab walk position with her butt squirming in the air and a great pose lying on her side with her pussy and ass getting some wide open air exposure. You can see her butt hole winking in and out as she spreads her ass while lying on her side. She ends up lying on her front and spreading her ass in the air for some great up the ass views.

The Little Dipper. 4:00

Rosemary takes a quick dip in the pool with some very elegant posing and some really nice butt views with her ass floating in the water. It's relatively softcore but very sexy with beautiful late day sun lighting her wet skin.

Rubbing her the Dong Way. 5:47

Rosemary uses a rubber dildo while lying on the patio deck in a few different positions. Her vagina gapes quite nicely when she pulls the dildo out although there is no light entering her vagina. Some of the action is not fully compelling as she found the concrete deck a little awkward.

Nice Pushy. 4:56

Rosemary switches to her favourite toy and the results are quite impressive with some nice squirting. You can see her vagina virtually pushing itself inside out as she pushes really hard for each squirt. Her breathing is quite extreme as she seems to hyperventilate when she reacts to the sensations of the toy.