801 Tracy Delicious

802 Cherie DeVille & Vicki Chase

803 Aaliyah Love

Shoot Location: St John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Ruin with a View. 15:26

After briefly exploring around an old sugar mill ruins Cherie and Vicki soon get distracted with exploring each other stripping off their shorts and getting into a little bit of ass worship. There's more than just a tease in this clip with two of the best asses on the site being beautifully displayed. The girls take turns licking each other's ass cracks and spreading all the pretty bits open for your inspection. Towards the end they squirm their butts against each other and we get a great view from underneath with all the fleshy mounds squishing together.

Tramps on a Ramp. 12:12

Now back outside the ruins the girls engage in a thorough bit of pussy and ass licking with excellent close up views of all the girlie bits getting eaten out.

Snatch Snacks. ITC Favorite 11:13

The lesbian action takes an interesting turn now with the addition of some grapes and beer. The grapes get inserted and eaten out of Cherie's pussy and then eaten out of Vicki's ass crack. Perhaps the best part of this has Cherie pouring her beer down through Vicki's ass crack and drinking it as it flows down over her pussy. Vicki's spectacular ass glistens wet with a little bit of rain in the air and the beer flowing all down her ass. Towards the end Vicki sits right on Cherie's face and gets eaten out once again.

Joined at the Hips. 2:32

The girls get into a tangled scissors position and hump each other for a short while. Though it is brief the action is quite intense with several innovative tribbing positions in a short time.

Twin Pees. 2:13

There are two separate peeing scenes in one clip here, both times with both girls peeing simultaneously. First they are seen squatting against a wall and then with both girls on their knees and their asses in the air.