802 Cherie DeVille & Vicki Chase

803 Aaliyah Love

804 Kiera Winters

Shoot Location: Quepos, Costa Rica

Scene 1

I Love to see the Green Go. 13:47

Aaliyah's jean shorts don't last for very long but there is tons of teasing with her green thong panties. Though the panties stay on through virtually all of this you still see quite a lot of pussy as she pulls them tight up her slit and flosses herself. At times her panties completely disappear between her bulging pussy lips. Several times she pulls her panties clear away from her pussy and then lets them snap back into position. She even starts to get off a little bit as she tugs her panties across her clitoris. Towards the end she does eventually strip off her green top and panties to get fully naked.

Spread the Love. 7:03

Now with Aaliyah completely naked we spend some time just ogling her bare pussy and ass with quite a lot of spreading. Her bend over posing is very good with everything pulled wide open and gaping. You may find her occasional dirty talking quite entertaining.

A Lotta Fucking Drama. 7:43

Aaliyah uses a slim mauve vibrator to get herself off with quite a lot of rather expressive drama. This may appeal especially to those who like lots of yelps and screams and colorful language along with your porn.

It Dip Ends. 3:58

After sweating it out in the humid heat of the tropics the pool just looked too inviting to not use it so she takes a quick dip and show off her wet bare bottom with some nice bend over posing in the shallow shelf of the pool.