800 Jada Stevens

801 Tracy Delicious

802 Cherie DeVille & Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

Relish the Mustard. 10:18

Tracy's sexy one piece bathing suit it certainly very stylish and revealing with only the bare necessities covered. We spend quite a bit of time just admiring her voluptuous rear end while she spreads it and bounces it with just the thong string going up through her crack. She then takes off her bathing suit and we ogle her ass all over again with lots of butt spreading and some beautiful squirming around. She remains standing through all of this clip with lots of posing and spreading over top of you.

Hammock Hottie. 17:02

Tracy finds some unique uses for and poses on the hammock. At first she flosses her crack with the hammock while straddling it and then she uses it like a swing allowing for some naughty views from underneath with her ass hanging off the edge. She then lies down on it with some very revealing ass out poses lying on her side. Getting into position on a moving hammock proves slightly challenging but the resulting spread ass views are quite awesome. For a short while she lies on her back with her ass hanging right off the edge of the hammock. In the second half of this clip all of her posing is now on the bare concrete deck and we inspect her beautiful undercarriage while she lies on her back and side and on her front.

Lemon Aid. 9:47

Tracy leans her back against the hammock with her ass hovering in mid air while she uses a small bright yellow vibrator. The position affords a fantastic view of her entire underside as she fucks herself with the toy. She later gets right down on the ground and continues toying her pussy while lying on her back. Though the scene starts out rather tame she eventually becomes quite passionate with lots of quivering as she reaches her orgasm with the toy pressed firmly against her clitoris. There's a beautiful spread ass view at the end with Tracy lying on her side, one knee up on the hammock and spreading her ass open.